The My Truck Wash Xpress Washing Process

‘2 Step’ Stainless Steel Chemical Arches

On entering the wash facility the truck travels through two separate chemical processes.

The vehicle initially travels through a light acid based chemical which is applied to the vehicle through the first stainless steel chemical arch. The light acid is effective in breaking down inorganic matter. After a span of approximately five metres the vehicle then travels through an identical chemical arch which applies an alkaline based chemical. Alkaline is effective for breaking down organic matter (such as insects and oil based deposits such as road film).

Each chemical arch is initiated when the photocell sensor is blocked, and stops the chemical arch when cleared. On and off delay times are configured via the touch screen. When this arch is activated, the system turns on the 3hp booster pump and chemical spray solenoid valve. The pump draws softened water from heater storage tank respectively and is injected with chemical via inline chemical pump.

Centri-Spinner Arch

After passing through the ‘2 Step’ wash chemical application process the vehicle travels forward through the Centri-Spinner™ arch contained in the gantry.

The Centri-Spinner™ is a patented Interclean product. The Spinner arch houses twelve individual spinner heads which distribute rapid rotation, high volume, high pressure water.

The Spinner Arch sensor [PE] starts the high-pressure top sprays when blocked, and stops the high-pressure top sprays when cleared. On and off delay times are configured via the touch screen. When this arch is activated the 75hp high-pressure pump located on the equipment module turns on.

The Centri-Spinner™ is at the heart of all InterClean wash systems and its patented wash technology is second to none in the effective and rapid cleaning of commercial vehicles. Many truck wash systems available on the market take up to 15 minutes to wash one vehicle. The InterClean Rollix Centri-Spinner™ technology and proprietary in-house wash chemicals deliver a superior wash in less than 2 minutes.

High Pressure ‘X’ Arch

The High Pressure ‘X’ Arch is also contained in the gantry. It is the powerful cleaning system at the centre of the wash process. Up to 125 litres of recycled water per second are sprayed at 300 psi from the four high pressure pillars powered.

The ‘X’ Arch is powered by two 75 HP pumps with soft start motors.

Stainless Steel Rinse Arch

The driver then passes through a final fresh reverse osmosis (R/O) water rinse arch. This system uses softened water. The carbon filter supplies softened chlorine free water to the R/O pump. The R/O pump forces the water through the membranes that create permeated water that is stored in holding tanks. The concentrate (reject) water is stored in holding tanks and is used for the pre-rinse arch. The high level float controls the filling of the R/O processes water tank.

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