Truck Wash

Our Technology / Equipment

My Truck Wash Xpress is the first InterClean Rollix Truck Wash System to be installed in Australia. InterClean truck wash equipment is distributed exclusively in Australia by AutoWash. It is a versatile truck wash that can function as either a gantry wash system or a drive through wash system. It is a high-pressure wash system designed to wash trucks that physically fit between the wash bay guide rails, arches and the Rollix gantry.

Gantry System

The major advantage of the Rollix, when operating as a gantry truck wash, is the superior wash quality. The Rollix gantry is programmed to move slowly and precisely over the prime mover and the rear end of the vehicle delivering an unsurpassed cleaning result. The gantry speeds up when passing over the trailer as this surface is easier to clean.

Drive Through System

For smaller vehicles or vehicles that are washed more regularly the Rollix can also operate as a drive through truck wash with the gantry remaining stationary throughout the wash process. The reduction in wash quality is offset by the decrease in wash time. As a gantry system the Rollix will take six to eight minutes to wash each vehicle. As a drive through system the Rollix will take approximately two minutes.

The most important element of a drive through wash is to maintain a consistent low speed from start to finish. An optimal travel speed is approximately 20 metres per minute.

Wash Equipment

The wash controller regulates the operation of the Rollix in both the gantry mode and the drive through mode. The wash controller Master Panel houses the wash controls including the programmable controller, motor starters and user interface (touch screen display).

The equipment for the wash system includes twin chemical side and rear application arches, the Rollix gantry which houses Centri-Spinner arches and a high pressure X arch, a final reverse osmosis fresh water rinse arch, and the InterClean EQ water reclamation system. When the moving vehicle breaks the infrared beam of the photoelectric eye sensors the corresponding cycles of the wash are initiated.

For the gantry program the truck drives through the chemical arches (which are activated by the photoelectric eye sensors) and then stops in front of the gantry. The gantry then activates and passes over the length of the vehicle. The truck then drives through the remainder of the wash bay passing through the fresh water rinse arch that activates automatically on exit.

For the drive through program the truck drives at a constant pace throughout the wash process. Each separate phase of the wash cycle is initiated by the photoelectric sensors as the vehicle passes through.

In the first stage of the wash process the chemical arch applies fresh, softened, heated water, injected with a cleaning agent to all exposed surfaces of the vehicle at approximately 50 PSI. The chemical arch spray nozzles are equipped with built in check valves which keep the arch primed at all times. This allows the sprays to open quickly when the vehicle sensor is activated. The rear chemical spray is applied only to the rear of the vehicle via the rear spray bar. The chemical in the rear bar is usually designed for a higher volume and concentration per nozzle to have more cleaning power on the rear of the vehicle that usually has the heaviest dirt build up.

The Rollix gantry incorporates a high pressure Centri-Spinner arch and an X-Arch. This is the next stage of the wash process.

The high-pressure Centri-Spinners use recycled water to remove the dirt, which the cleaning agent has lifted at pressures of approximately 300 PSI. The high pressure pump draws recycled water from the 1500 litre cone bottom holding tank on the EQ module. The high pressure X-arch completes the extremely thorough touch free washing cycle.

A reverse osmosis-rinse arch is the final element of the wash system used to rinse the vehicle. The

rinse is applied to the sides and top of the vehicle. Swivel nozzles allow the sprays to also be directed at the front and rear of the vehicle and built in check valves keep the arch primed at all times.

The heart of the InterClean system is the patented anti-turbulent water recycling and high pressure equipment module. The same module is used for all InterClean applications, from automated military tank washing to manual hand gun applications. Each module is capable of producing up to 300 GPM (1,250 l/m) recycled water continuously.

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